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Region 9 Adult Protective Services Advisory Board

Board Members

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Board Members

The Region 9 Adult Protective Services Advisory Board consists of three officers and 13 additional members.  Total membership cannot exceed 20 persons as outlined in the By-laws.
The Chairperson is Michael Melson, Vice Chairperson is Nancy Jones, and Secretary/Treasurer is Nancy Kirk.
Board members include: Joyce Thompson, Sharon Wesley,  Raynetta Williams, Saul Herrera, Mary Abercrombie, Linda Melson, Starla Russell, Paula Hensley, Angela Hines, Arline Olazaha, David Barnard, Kim Merrill, and Tina Widman.  

Region 9 Adult Protective Services Advisory Board meets every other month.  Meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of September, November, January, March, May, and July.  Committee meetings are held prior to the board meetings, or more frequently if needed.  Current committees are Service/Education, Fundraising, Finance, and Executive.  At this time, Executive and Finance committees have decided to combine their meetings.  You do not have to be a board member to participate in committee work with the Region 9 APS Advisory just need to have a sincere commitment to helping abused or neglected adults.  Please let us know if you would like to get involved.

Region 9 Adult Protective Services Advisory Board started in 1996.  The fiscal year for this organization runs from Sept 1 through Aug 31.  Board members are volunteers, and there is no paid staff to support this organization.  Primary funding is through grants, contributions, and fundraisers.  Support for abused and neglected clients cover a 30 county area, and help is always needed and appreciated.

Direct comments, questions and story ideas to:
Region 9 APS Advisory Board  PO Box 9814  Midland, TX  79708